16 comments on “Dog Park Sunday – March 23, 2014

    • It was my first gun sighting there (excluding the occasional police officer). Arizona law does not require any kind of permit to carry hand guns (not even concealed ones) but they are supposed to obey posted signs.

  1. Hilarious! I want to go to the dog park with you!
    Corky ( and Speckles in her turn) have 3 parks to go to. One is very new and has large and small dog sections. Another is mixed together and pretty nice. The third is somewhat inner city with a clientele mixed. It’s as much fun to watch the owners as the dogs, but you really had a bonanza!

    • Thanks for finding it funny! The various misbehaving dogs is kind of business-as-usual for the dog park. It was the guy with the hand gun that caused my mind to start bubbling a little to write something.

    • That definitely is a factor as well. Unfortunately, the only time I visit that particular park is Sunday AM. It is nearest to our parish church so Harper and I drop her other dad off at Mass and then go to the park. It might be safer in future to leave Harper at home and go to Mass myself.

  2. An absolutely delightful post! Dave Barry has nothing on you as a humorist/realist. I would love to see your writings in a nationally syndicated column. You are as good and even better than what’s out ther now writing columns. And you would get paid handsomely for your columns. Have you explored this possibility? As an aside, for the life of me I cannot understand why anyone would own a pit bull and/or carry a loaded firearm with them, especially to a dog park. A co-work or mines son was fired a couple of years ago from his position as a Playland assistant on the Rehoboth boardwalk because he had an openly displayed firearm in his shoulder holster, visible as he help load the 5 year olds on the bumper cars. What did his moms say when he got fired for carrying heat to Playland? “He had that gun legally.” Some people just don’t get it. Land of the Second Amendment!

    • I don’t have much experience with pit bulls other than the ones that come to the dog park. Most of them are sweethearts.

      The handgun thing is different. As much as possible, I try to avoid the 2nd Amendment debate. Under AZ law no permit is required to carry or even conceal a handgun but they are required to observe properly posted signs. Buford had not broken the law up to the point he got out of his car. The NRA folks, at least in this area, tout the responsibility of gun owners. Maybe/maybe not. Once he walked past the “No Firearms Allowed” sign into a park where children and animals are playing with a glock strapped to his hip, he became a jackass in my book. Nothing in the 2nd Amendment protects that.

      • I know some people like to play with guns. Some are legitimate hunters. And then there are those who have handguns to “protect” themselves which I always thought was unrealistic. What? You’re going to have your gun at the ready in case someone enters your house? More likely you’re going tho keep that gun locked up to prevent an accident or someone you know in a fit of anger away from it. The whole gun thing just never made sense to me unless the possession of a gun was compensation for a small penis.

  3. Always like your Harper posts but this one was a classic. It is exceptionally well written – your descriptions of the dogs are priceless. We are cat people but my husband and I like to take a sandwich and walk to the nearby park watch the dogs as we lunch.

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