8 comments on “Old Family Photo – 1935

  1. VERY, VERY COOL! You have a true treasure with the names on the back! Thankfully, most of the pictures I have were identified by my father and his sister before they passed away.

    I love the old photos, and have posted many of my dad and his family from the 20’s and 30’s. They mean so very much. I also have my mom’s college year books. Also pretty neat.

    Love this post. Thanks for sharing.
    Peace ❤

  2. As a family genealogist, I really appreciate coming across these finds. As you noted, it is quite exceptional in so many ways.

    Could it be that Mufaldu had another name such as surname that was not known to the author, or could be of Arab distraction in which that was all there was? She appears to have a hair covering.

    They were the class of 1935, but were they seniors, juniors, or ? And did the class of 1935 have 12 grades? Many high schools back then only had 10th or 11th grade as the final year. So many intriguing questions.

    • Thanks for the comment. The point about which grade it was in interesting. My first thought was to wonder whether this photo was taken in 1935 or was it taken earlier with people who would be in the graduating class of ’35. I knew many people left early but I was not aware that high school was ever less than ‘….through 12th grade’.

      All the names I checked on Ancestry were born in 1918-1919 but that doesn’t tell us much. The real question is; ‘do they look to be 17 yrs old in the photo. I’m not sure.

  3. Perhaps the writing was nice due to the Palmer method. Alas a lost art!
    Nice that you have the photo and some history

    • Thanks for the comment. It has given me a minor epiphany.

      I’d heard of the ‘Palmer Method’ but couldn’t recall the specifics. Your comment prompted me to look it up to remind myself. In Wikipedia I found this comment; “Under the method, students were taught to adopt a uniform system of cursive writing with rhythmic motions. Left-handers were usually made to use their right hands.”
      I remember, when I started school, being forced to write with my right hand, a change for me, but I never knew the reason for that. I always thought it was some misguided fundamentalist dogma about left handers being “sinister”.

  4. Can’t believe the mint condition. I’ve been “repairing” the old photos I have from the ’40s. My father had a number of this type and he was great for listing all the names on the back. Everyone used to make fun of him for bothering. Now, we’re so grateful. You have got a wonderful treasure!

  5. Oh how I love old photos like this! What a find! And even better, someone took the time to list the names on the back. My hometown has a historical society. I had my 3rd grade picture from 1951. I was still able to identify everyone in the photo which I did so when I sent a copy of that photo to the Downingtown Historical Society. One less old photo that will fade into history of anonymity

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