12 comments on “A Bad Day On The Radio

  1. I didn’t know the Bobby Vee either. I wonder if it was a ‘B’ side to one of his hits – the date of recording seems to indicate that if so, it could have been on the reverse of ‘A Forever Kind of Love’, one of his less than major hits (only #13 here). If it was released as a single in its own right then it must have been a total flop.

    People of our generation will well recall the other two – ‘The Vapors’ starting with that irritating tinkly motif which used to represent anything oriental, but especially Chinese, and has now acquired a condescending overlay of racial stereotype about it. The main body of the record is okay, though, as you say, difficult to expunge once heard.
    And of course ‘John Fred’ with their only hit in the U.K. (Band formed as long before as 1956), this getting to #3 here and, I see, actually topping the American Billboard charts for two weeks in early 1968. It’s a goody though, and still sounds it. (‘JDG’ rather than ‘LSD’)

    • Thanks for your comment. My ‘gut reaction’ to the tinkley theme in the music was that is sounds racially insensitive… thought it was just me.

      I recognized Bobby Vee’s name but, if asked, I would have been hard pressed to come up with a title. Browsing Youtube yesterday I realize I know a quite a few. The Night Has A Thousand Eyes, Rubber Ball, Take Good Care of My Baby, and Come Back when You Grow Girl were all instantly recognizable when I read the titles. Sadly, I read he is suffering with Alzheimer’s now.

      • Bobby V. records were part of the indelible soundtrack to my adolescence, and one could have done so much worse. (Bouncey bouncey!) Sad to here about his health issues. I suppose it’s par for the course for many of his age, and possibly soon to be mine too (gulp!).

      • Old age looms for us all. I found a Bobby Vee interview on Youtube in 2012 and he was still in pretty good shape, mentally, though the signs were present. I’m not sure of his current status.

  2. “judy in disguise” was their only hit. oh dear bob, you REALLY hit some disgusting earworms yesterday. and I am NOT surprised about the broadway show tunes channel. the bobby vee is an unknown to me also.

    • Glad to hear I was not the only one that missed “Punish Her”. I was a pre-schooler when it was released but still seems odd to have not stumbled across it before now. Just lucky I guess. Thanks for the comment.

  3. When we bought our Hyundai Elantra, Sirius came after us so we would buy their radio system, we resisted, I do not need to know that the traffic is backed up in LA on the freeway. It is horrific here in Ottawa. So either I listen to the French service of Radio-Canada, can’t stand the PC babble on the English service of the CBC. But on Radio-Canada in French they talk a lot and often over each other about just any topic you can imagine. So after a while it gets a little distracting. I just bring along CDs and play them. Jacques Loussier who adapts Classical music to light Jazz is one I like when driving around, like after a session of guiding at the Museum and need to relax.

    At home we listen to internet radio, right now Sacramento State on Public Radio has very nice classical museum.

  4. Shocked! Truly shocked about the disclosure about the show tunes channel. I have barely recovered enough to type this. 😉

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