10 comments on “Phoenix Symphony – My Fair Lady

  1. You do have a lot of subscription, symphony, opera, theatre, not much time left for cocktails, LOL!!!
    We have a season theatre subscription and we also support the Professional Choirs in Ottawa who have programs with usually a theme. We will also go to the symphony if there is something we wish to see but we no longer do the full season. Maybe when Will retires in 2050 we might consider it also if they get a new conductor we have Zuckerman right now and we are not fond of the guy.

  2. Love the Symphony..and classics are my favorite, but a good night of Broadway cannot be beaten!;-)

  3. Funny coincidence: My mother and I were talking this afternoon about “My Fair Lady.” She just saw a performing arts high school’s production and was also pleasantly surprised. I’ve had the songs rolling around in my head this evening and really enjoyed seeing your clip.

  4. I think that, if compelled (with a revolver’s muzzle depressed against temple) to name the greatest of ALL musicals, it would have to be MFL. It’s such a gloriously comfortable melding of the arts of music, spoken word and theatre, each at their supreme best, in precisely the same way that Wagner aspired to for his own creations. – but here with no small thanks to GBS for furnishing so much of the dialogue which A.J.Lerner managed to transpose into his and Fritz Loewe’s work.
    Other musicals may ‘press more buttons’ for me at particular points and to be more engaging at an emotional level, but ‘Lady’ gets the balance to perfection. And besides, it’s such a darn good ‘plot’.

    • I love that productions of MFL are always so lavish. It is a wonderful show, perhaps not quite as high on my list as on yours, but Cecil Beaton put such an indelible mark on the show with this costume and set designs for both the Broadway and film versions it is hard to imagine seeing it without all those hats.

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