10 comments on “What Happened To Indigo?

  1. Re Pluto: This short ,but helpful, film doesn’t refer to the term ‘Dwarf Planet’ to which Pluto, as far as I know, has now, and with international astronomer agreement, been consigned. (There are now several Dwarf Planets discovered which are larger than Pluto).
    Another difference the film doesn’t mention is that part of Pluto’s orbit is actually INSIDE that of ‘neighbouring’ Neptune, something which no other orbit of any of the ‘true’ eight planets does.
    All very fascinating.

    • The status of Pluto is somewhat of an ego issue here in Arizona. It was discovered by the observatory in Flagstaff, AZ so any discussion of it not being a proper planet is met with chilly contempt in the Grand Canyon state.

  2. Regard learning the colors – black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green blue, violet, gray, white. Those are the colors for resistors.

    Then in telecom parlance there’s hierarchical:

    White, Red, Black, Yellow, Violet, then within each of those bindings are Blue, Orange, Green, Brown, Slate. Also explains why copper cables are so colorful!

    • Fascinating – I had no idea.

      I learned another fascinating factoid yesterday of which I was unaware. I thought all the visible colors appeared somewhere in the hues of the sprectrum but this is not the case. Unsaturated colors such as pink or made my combining lights at wavelengths that are not adjacent to each other. I feel so smart now.

      • With that sort of knowledge you could teach art appreciation, I can never remember that stuff so I wrote it down to glance at when I speak on this topic.

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