13 comments on “Throw Back Thursday – Passports

  1. The trip to Bermuda , unfortunately, did not have the effect that Mary’s mother intended. If only she had applied “Jungle Red” at the beginning and dealt with those women who belonged in a kennel.

  2. All of mine are saved too;-). Probably with some misplaced desire to see how I haven’t aged;))

  3. Ah yes passports after 2001, sad comment really. The USA imposed the passport requirement on CDNs and if you fly you also have to register in advance all manner of personnel information with Homeland. I do not buy into the whole security mumbo jumbo and find it sad that neither the US nor the CDN government could come up with a better solution. BTW our Sovereign is not exactly the same as that of Bermuda which is still a colony whereas we in Canada are a Kingdom. See you in August.

  4. Would you believe I’m STILL wait for the copies of birth certificates I ordered from the Pennsylvania Department of Records last MARCH 23rd?! Unbelievable. I finally took my ONLY copy of my birth certificate to the Rehoboth Post Office this past week and gave it to them. They assured me I will get it back in “six to eight weeks” in a “plain brown envelope, separate from my passport.” Hey, I’ll believe it when I see it. Hopefully I’ll have my passport in time for my trip to Canada in the later part of August. Talk about bureaucracy. And by the way, the terrorists have won. All this “security theater” nonsense (along with taking shoes off at the airport) to prevent terrorists from entering this country. We truly do live in an Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Tea Party era now.

  5. I’ve not had the need to get one. But I will need one soon. Thing is – the photo – all they have to do is troll my flickr site or facebook and there are PLENTY of pix of me on both.

  6. Now you have me wondering where my passport is. It is certainly expired. I think the last time I used it was to Caracas. I too used it for Bermuda in 2000. (the water was so cold there)
    You didn’t age a bit in those ten years.

  7. Actually I think an expired passport was recently considered valid proof of residency for employment purposes.

    Somewhere around here I have my Mother’s passport from around the 1970’s. She loved to travel and the photo is from a time in her life when she was healthy enough to do so. She has what her children recognize as her classic “Don’t mess with me Buster!” expression. I believe that this is cross culturally recognized and understood to that it probably ensured a quick and uneventful crossing at many borders.

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