5 comments on “Sneak Preview Security

  1. The cell pone limitation is interesting. And truth be told I bet I could get a cell phone into an event where they scan for one. You see metal detectors would pick up things like keys, etc. So I think they’re doing RF sniffing. That of course can be circumvented by judicious use of a little thing called a Faraday cage.

  2. I always turn my phone off, it is nice to get away from office email for a couple of hours once in a while. Interesting that AARP is getting involved with movie promotion. They know how to make money, I heard the numbers recently and their income from “licensing” aka allowing the AARP brand to be used to market products, is several times their membership dues revenue. I was a contractor for them for several years.

    • It’s much more your area of expertise (!!) but I always assumed there was some kind of compensation involved when AARP endorses a private insurer’s product like the medicare supplements. I don’t mean they endorse bad plans in exchange for bribes or kick backs; just they participate in revenues from referrals and joint marketing efforts.

      The AARP ads before the movies were promoting their lifestyle activities but also their professional development resources and other services. No word on cost or whether some kind of ‘premium’ membership was require.

  3. I am surprised that you are allowed to attend AARP screenings. Don’t you get hassled for looking too young?

    • I powdered my hair, drew extra wrinkles around my eyes and tried to look tired. It was a challenging performance but I managed to fool them all….and bless you for thinking that.

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