18 comments on “Thrift Store Finds

  1. I have never been in the least bit afraid of clowns. I never got the fear of clowns, and I usually just laugh at people. But, you were really creeping me out. I hope there are no clowns under my bed. Yes, I am afraid there are things under my bed that will bite off a hand or foot that might get uncovered or off the bed. So, there must be clowns under there.

    • I know many people are very anxious about any kind of public speaking. I can empathize but I don’t really see what the big deal is. I think all phobias only make sense to the people who have them. I recall as a kid watching The Red Skelton Show and he used clown make-up in some of his sketches. That was when I went to get more popcorn.

  2. I would say get professional help but since you live with Harper’s other dad I would think this would be take care of. Just medicate yourself before entering thrift stores so that this does not happen again. As an aside, just how old do you think those clowns would have to be to remember Jethro Tull’s Auqalung?

  3. I would have snapped up those clowns in a second. I troll the thrift stores here in Lower Slower and NEVER found any orphaned clowns. Would that I could. I find clowns very comforting. In fact I have a collection of clowns in my bedroom and secreted away in other locations. Clowns are my friends. 🙂

    • I remember seeing clowns on the wall in your bedroom. (and doesn’t that sound suggestive!). I honestly would never fall asleep were there clown masks in my bedroom…. and if they were the first thing I saw when I turned on the light…. I would scream like a little girl.

  4. I remember you saying that which I thought was very interesting because I’ve always had a fascination for clowns. You should see what I have packed away. I guess the only way I can explain my fascination with clowns is that I must have been one in a previous life. Maybe that’s why I (sometimes) continue to act like a “clown.” 🙂

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