12 comments on “Time Is Relative

  1. I’m so allergic to evangelizing. And particularly those doing it in public places. Nut jobs!j

    • I remember as a kid really enjoying it when our church had revivals in the summer and a traveling evangelist would come to town. I later came to realize it was the theatricality of it that I enjoyed more than the religion but they are not unpleasant memories. But in those cases we chose to be there. Not quite the same as being ambushed on the street.

  2. I also grew up in a southern Baptist church. I was alright until a fundamentalist (Pentecostal) preacher screamed and foamed at the mouth telling me what a sinner I was (“born in sin, live in sin and die in sin”). I thought then and there (I was 12 years old), “I don’t want to be a part of this church where I’m hated and I have to fear a God just because I was born. I had nothing to do with being born. In the sixty years since the Christian church hasn’t given me a reason to go back to the fold either. Let the evangelicals scream their hate and threats (from God who apparently only talks to them), I’ll go on with my life quite happy that I’m not living their life of fear and hate.

  3. I get you, man. Been there, had to listen…or get hit by cars moving rapidly in all directions. I try to just smile and nod. Better than confrontation. One of the few times I’m glad I don’t have a rainbow tattooed on my forehead.

    Peace ❤

  4. I always thought this a very unlikely way to win converts. No one likes to be shouted at; it is human nature to stiffen when being shouted at. I don’t think it a coincidence Heaven comes to us when we are quiet “Be still and know I am the Lord’.

  5. Your man on the street corner has a couple of trainees around Union Station in DC most afternoons, they like the sidewalk in front of the Postal Museum.

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