12 comments on “Happy Birthday Shannon

  1. That is a beautiful and unusual photo. So glad you were able to celebrate your mother’s memory with cake and ice cream. As for those ice cream companies, I think it’s really awful that they sell individual-serving containers and call them 3-1/2! I can’t believe you and HOD had to share it.

  2. David, THANKS two million here….I LOVED this post, maybe because it brought back memories of my own Mom…..who, as opposed to your youthful Mom, 86, would be turning 97 in August….and one of MY fav pics of her is about at the age you’ve illustrated your Mom with here. The ONE difference between us TODAY anyway, is that you chose a much better memory in enjoying ICE CREAM….I’m making my first batch of home-made summer Potato Salad today just as my Mom made it…… and just finished our annual supply of freezer strawberry jam last w/e….the big favorite item my Mom made for years, and we ALL loved it every time we came home to visit. Thanks for the warm loving post…..

  3. D. a Happy Birthday to her. I lighted a little candle in the Meissen Lutheran Cathedral for her today.
    The saying goes that has long as your name is mentioned by the living you are never forgotten or lost.

    As for the Cake I understand that Dr. Bonbons loves it and can eat the whole thing by himself. Am taking pictures of cakes and pastries for him.

  4. That’s a sweet way to remember your mom. I’m glad HOD was there to share the moment with you.
    I have found that the number of servings are often exaggerated on labels.

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