12 comments on “WWF WTF

  1. I had a co-worker who was a Hearts “champion”. He swore he was once within 6 inches of being thrown off his navy ship at sea for winning everyone’s paychecks for something like the third month in a row. This man was amazing. Within two tricks, he could tell you what was in everyone’s hand, and was right about 90% of the time. I guess your euchre buddies were right…if you’re a good player, you get good cards! Phillipe sure did!!! Fortunately, we played at lunch at work, so money wasn’t involved!

    Peace ❤

  2. Haven’t kept up with much of anything internet-wise for a while; hoping that it’s a transitory bout of ‘mere’ garden variety depression. I did a marathon today on your blog entries since you’ve returned from your walkabout, and just wanted to say you haven’t lost your touch. One single gripe: you HAD to mention ‘You Light Up My Life’, didn’t you…;-)

    • As always, thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate it. Thanks for compliment too. I hope your mood in brightening. It seems it has been a rough spring for quite a few folks. Depression is one area where misery definitely does NOT love company.

  3. There are a few differences between Scrabble and WWF. The biggest one is the layout of the board. The “prizes” are in different places. There are some letter frequency differences as well.

    One of the big things that won a lot of people over to WWF in the beginning is the chat function.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. I like the chat function, though don’t use it much. I miss the Teacher function from Scrabble it was a great way to learn even if a bit of a cheat. The games are equally enjoyable on the smartphone but the video ads that come up on the desktop version are brutal. Now that the elections are approaching I find myself playing less because I am tired of hearing the partisan ads after each play

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