23 comments on “Curmudgeons

  1. OMG. Don’t neglect the ear hair :0. I love Stadler & Waldorf……and love you two curmudgeons as well<3

  2. You can’t qualify as Statler and Waldorf unless you have the laugh down, and can mercilessly harass comedian bears.

  3. bwhahahahahaha! you 2 are more handsome than S&W.

    with age comes disillusionment; I am a cynic now, annoyed by many things. could just be part of my philadelphia nature also…

  4. When you’re feeling old and cranky watch Wizard of Oz, it always seems to work for me!

  5. I knew you two were Slater and Waldorf (lovable curmudgeons) within five seconds of meeting both of you two years ago at the fist Bloogerpalooza. You may have been (or not) aware that prior to the meeting in the flesh, I was a bit smitten with you and entertained “thoughts.” However, upon meeting Someone and witnessing the synergy of the relationship between the two of you, I realized that my fantasy thoughts were just that….fantasy. I have never, and I mean NEVER met two individuals who are more perfectly matched than you two, “Slater and Waldorf.” In fact, it is a joy to watch you two together. My only regret now is that we’re not neighbors. And then of course fate had a way of fulfilling my lifelong search for Mr. Right, and that was the day Pat came into my life. Like you and Someone, Pat and I are so evenly matched and think so much that sometimes I believe there may actually be a God, or at least an guardian angel. I am so looking forward to our mutual get together again this August in Toronto, home of my Prince Charming. What do you call it with four curmudgeons get together? I wish I had a clever answer but I don’t but one thing I do know, my life changed forever the day I met you and Someone, two very fine men. I wish both of you a long and happy curmudgeonly life. You always make me smile. 🙂

    • I was aware of your smitten thoughts about Dr. Spo but then when you and I met and you seemed such a pleasant person I cancelled my plans to get all ‘Alexis & Krystle’ in the Lewes Canal.

  6. A re-make of ‘Annie’? Oh cripes! After the first one I had to make an appointment with my dentist! All i need to hear now is that it’s going to be in 3D – then I might as well have them all pulled.

  7. I know exactly what you mean. Jerry has definitely become a curmudgeon. I, on the other hand, am in denial. But I loved Statler and Waldorf (although I didn’t know when was any more young, cute, or distinguised than another).

  8. Carlos and I enjoy being curmudgeons, and you and yours sound the way we do during movie previews, though we tend to keep our reviews to one word:

    “Yes” “Maybe” “No” and more often than not “Cheese.”

    “Annie” got a No and a Cheese from us when we saw the previews.

  9. I, too, fit that bill. However, I do love Oliver! It was one of the earliest musicals I ever saw, right after Hello, Dolly! and those cemented my love of the theatre and musical arts.

    Peace ❤

  10. OMG! True confession moment. Will and I are like that too, on the very short flight 41 min from Toronto to Ottawa last night we were both muttering to each other about the stupid passengers and too much hand luggage. The last flight of the evening to the Capital on a small Airbus 320 and it was really a full flight. The stewardess told us, I know what you mean we see this crap all the time.

  11. I’ll take “Curmudgeonly Responses” for $600.00 Alex. Mr Muffin and I are up there in that category however I will note that I rather enjoyed a production of Oliver that was done here last year – without any children I might add – and despite himself, himself did enjoy the Sound of Music at the same venue that I dragged him to at Christmas. However I will draw the line at Annie….

    • For some reason The Sound of Music is exempt from my curmedgeonliness though I am not sure why. There is certainly a surfeit of “cute” in that show. I am intrigued by the idea of Oliver! sans children. If you replace the youthful pickpockets with adults I guess they’d be a street gang…making it, West Side Story?

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