17 comments on “Hollywood Costume

  1. Being an ex-costume maven, I really wanted to see this show. When it was in Richmond was the closest it came to me but I wasn’t able to get there at that time. sigh.

  2. This is the exhibit I saw twice in Richmond! It was fabulous! I’m so glad the you and HOD got to see it, too, HK! I joined the museum because of it, and have been back twice since to explore some more, but so far, apart from some really neat contemporary American art, nothing compares to this exhibit. Education, wonderment, and excitement all rolled into one!

    Peace ❤

  3. You two are doing so many things I used to enjoy. Not as much fun without a companion to share with but I LOVE the arts. Wish you’d come for a Central City Opera!

  4. btw: An afterthought on your recent ‘Curmudgeons’ posting which I can’t get to receive my post there:-
    I’d be sorry to miss out on any chance of seeing ‘Oliver!’ live on stage. Sure, the traditional portrait of Fagin can be hard to take with today’s sensitivities, as it is in the Dickens original, but (as if it makes any difference) composer and lyricist Lionel Bart was himself Jewish (as well as being gay) – and, besides, in the theatre you get three additional songs not performed in the film, including one, (‘My Name’), for Bill Sikes!
    I’ve seen the show several times on stage (including one in Munich – in German and in the main opera house!) and would happily see another production.

    • Good feedback! As a rule I avoid shows with large casts of precious urchins. PTSD from having stage managed a production of Bye Bye Birdie years ago. But who knows? We hadn’t planned on seeing My Fair Lady. We went because of a ticket exchange and enjoyed it. Maybe the same will occur with Oliver!

  5. Tippi Hedren’s stance looks as though she’s about to do a twirl on the cat-walk which, I suppose, is pretty appropriate for ‘The Birds’. (Ouch!)

  6. Wait. Costumes are generated with computers now? Then what do the
    actors wear while acting? Are they in their underwear? Less?

    • they where these skintight body suits with markers all over them. Then after the filming the designers digitally add the costumes and it moves based on the movement of those markers. It is actually pretty impressive

  7. I was lucky enough to see this exhibition at the V and A – it was sold out and at the last minute I got a call from a friend (we were both in town for the Robert le diable with the remarkable Bryan Hymel). Fotis had an extra ticket and if I could make it to the V and A in 30 minutes it was mine. Could I? Did I? – you’re damned right. The ticket was actually Bryan’s but he had a late rehearsal that day – my luck. It really was a remarkable show – and you are so fortunate that it showed up in Phoenix. You have a very rich cultural life there.

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