13 comments on “Throw Back Thursday – 1993

  1. Talking LGBT I heard yesterday on the news that the Canadian Museum of History will now have a LGBT section where the history of LGBT people in Canada will be presented as part of the Canadian narrative . This is a National Museum, another first. http://www.historymuseum.ca

  2. Rich saw Madeleine, who played the nurse in “The Destiny of Me” the other day…..at auditions of all places. Hadn’t seen her since the show closed.

  3. It is I who should thank you! I was the greenest of the green running lights, sounds, tickets….. it was a great experience and I met some wonderful friends!

  4. I had three acting roles: the voice of God, Jesus Christ, and an adulterous minister. I moved to tech theatre, too, and loved it so much more! I did perform with the church’s youth choir until I aged out.

    This is a neat post. I had no idea you were so much more into it than sleeping through the symphony (which I would do, too, unless I was running lights or sound).

    Peace ❤

    • There was a time I was. I haven’t really found a way to connect to it since moving out west aside from ushering, helping out with box office and such…. and of course the Harper’s Valley reviews I write.

  5. That was very interesting to read.
    I was never really into arts myself. I love going to the theatre and exhibitions around London but I don’t think I could ever act or paint the way my partner does. I Idyll so proud of him when I go to his exhibitions

  6. I remember seeing you in The Destiny of Me, it was very good show and I enjoyed it. Too bad we couldn’t see you live in Jefferey, but at least you showed us the recording of the show. I think you’re a better actor than you give yourself credit for. 🙂

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