8 comments on “False Falsettos – Disappointment in Harper’s Valley

  1. This musical and all the related details are completely unknown to me. I can well imagine the closing song being unbearably poignant, especially in the theatre.

  2. OH, thank you for this! John and I saw a production of Falsettos at CCM (Cincinnati Conservatory of Music) in the mid or late 90’s. I’d forgotten; … poignant memories …

  3. Years ago, I attended a community theater production of Falsettos which was surprisingly good for community theater. The music is wonderful, and I remember laughing hysterically during Watching Jason (Play Baseball).

  4. saw it off-B’way and on B’way. Great cast. For some reason, local companies hve a problem with this piece. Don’t know why. Is it because it’s so Jewish and so New York, that there is always something missing; something the characters just don’t get a handle on? Dunno. Glad it’s one of your faves’ too. There’s nothing like “Four Jews in a Room, Bitching,” now is there…

    • You’re right. It isn’t done often. I think there might be a number of reasons for that. As musicals go it is a little dark. Les Mis notwithstanding, a lot of people prefer musicals to be lighter. I also think AIDS-related material is perceived as ‘dated’. The artistic director of the local group that attempted, unsuccessfully, to mount Falsettos this year, mentioned he was considering Angels In America Part I for next season. It is an important play that I absolutely love but the first thought that entered my mind was; “the millennium stopped ‘approaching’ almost 15 yrs ago”.

      I hadn’t thought about Falsettos’ ‘Jewishness’. It’s an interesting idea. ‘New York’ and ‘Jewish’ usually play well to the Scottsdale folks but, given the age of that demographic, that is possibly more “Brighton Beach Memoirs” and less “Falsettos”

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