12 comments on “Dog Park Sunday – June 22, 2014

  1. I’d be much more interested in those other lovely doggies than H was on this evidence; never wanting to leave.

    • Some of the dogs are so friendly and are much more interested in playing with the humans than with the other dogs. If I find a shady place to sit I can spend the whole time petting one or another.

  2. Harper does have discerning tastes about with whom she’ll romp. That’s a good thing, but this:

    “There were bitches on both ends of that leash.”

    … provided me with my Morning Spit-Take and for that I Thank You!

    • In the immortal words of Lina Lamont; “If I have brought some joy into your hum-drum little life, then all my hard work ain’t been in vain fer nuthin;.”

      (Though I am sure your life is neither little nor hum-drum!)

  3. A couple of great pics of Harper there! Bitches on both ends of the leash–I like that! I’ve encountered the same a few times. Thanks for sharing your trip.

  4. You are lucky to be able to bring Harper to the dog park. We have a park here but I cannot take either Nicky nor Nora. Because they do not play well with others, Nicky is aggressive and will bark and attack other dogs and Nora barks and then wants to play but this is not well understood by other dogs.
    Never been able to break that habit in either of them. We had Dachshunds before and they were not like that these two are little terrors.

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