6 comments on “Reflections On A Sunday

  1. The Partridge Family takes me back to Summer days spent lip synching to records on my friend’s front porch stoops. David Cassidy, early MJ, Bobby Sherman and the Cowsills. Ah, simpler times.

    The drink is a Monster Cruncher thanks to an internet search. Looks pretty toxic to me……lol

  2. This is something I have always liked about the USA the phenomenon of the neighbourhood bar, where you can go for a drink and meet people. We do not have such a thing here. We have bars but it is a completely different formula. We had taverne in Quebec which was a male dominated watering hole you did not see a women in a taverne unless she was some women of little virtue. Today with Feminism the Taverne has disappeared and there is no substitute.

    The breakfast looks yummy and is further enticement to visit you. Certainly we could cook together and shop for wine.

  3. You have reminded me that I must make some waffles in the near future. I have the real maple syrup (four bottles which are still unopened) ready to go. I used to frequent a few in Philly during my halycone years (the 70’s). When Harper’s Other Dad visited me and Pat last November in Philly I tried to relive that past but alas, the bars are there but the spirit (folks) are gone, only memories now.
    Nice post.

    • The waffles were a second-hand inspiration. I got the idea from 3rdnlong. But they were good. We had three left over that we froze. HOD ate one before bed one night and I ate the other two for lunch one day this week. Not as good after freezing but still better than store-bought toaster waffles.

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