11 comments on “Is It Just Me?

  1. I do so NOT want to see the next ‘Hunger Games’, but having seen the first two, suppose I’d better. (Sigh!)

  2. Rolling on the floor laughing over here. I so used to have that poster of Fred with Tires back in 1984. I was 20 and it’s been 30 years…..
    Is this the first sign that the 1980s is about to make a comeback? Oh damn I just threw those clothes away last year.

    • I remember saying after the second movie I wanted to read the book but never got around to it. Now they’re making 2 movies from the 3rd book, the first of which opens in November.

      Thx for recommendation.

  3. Just another reminder that I’m behind the times. I’ve yet to see even the first intallment of “The Hunger Games.” But I am on the “Orange is the New Black” bandwagon.

    • Good for you re: Orange Is the New Black. I just finished the second season. On the whole I liked it a little less than the first season but still really enjoyable.

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