22 comments on “Bryce Canyon, Utah

  1. why no sunscreen on that pretty face, mrs. spo? and yes, the bears appear tame.

    I have not visited bryce canyon yet, but WOW! and it’s different from arches N.P.; still the red sandstone, but the formations are not the same.

    • Excellent question about the sun screen. An equally good question might be; ‘why no hat’?

      Bryce is just beautiful. It is much smaller than the Grand Canyon, of course, but it is also much more accessible to hike in. Things are so much closer. Seeing a rattlesnake freaked me out a little but I am looking forward to going back.

  2. Monumental is the word that comes to mind seeing these photos of the canyon, really beautiful.
    As for your picture it has that swashbuckling Errol Flynn look about it.

    • Matter of perception I suppose but I think rattlesnakes are much worse than scorpions. It is pretty easy to get rid of a scorpion with getting stung. with snakes all one can do it move away (and shriek like a little girl)

  3. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! I have yet to see a real life canyon other than the Talulah Gorge and I’m not talking about the famous actress’s crotch.

  4. Your pictures capture the majestic beauty of nature very well. I was speechless looking at them and glad the sunburn wasn’t shared 🙂

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