16 comments on “Maybe It’s the Quack

  1. Welcome back. It’s terrible when the muses leave you or you just kinda stop. I’m struggling too but it has more to do with my life then blogging itself. I will say “with only love in my heart” 😉 that I was expecting to see Harper (not much said about Harper?) in a Christmas sweater – catching up over a long period of time can sound like holiday letters.

  2. Wax Santa? I suppose some folks do want to remove unwanted back hair, but, of course, I acquainted with Santa and not an intimate friend of his.

  3. Glad to see a new post. I’m not one to comment much but I do stop in regularly to see what is happening.

  4. So happy to see you back here and so sorry to learn what you’ve been dealing with. Yes, there’s always someone who has things much worse, but that doesn’t make everything in our heads all better (and it shouldn’t… “Oh, his life is awful. I feel so much better now.”). Wishing you easier times ahead. Those rubber duckies brought a smile to my face. I have always loved those and am so glad I didn’t start collecting. It would be impossible to stop!

    • I don’t recall ever making the decision to start collecting them. I saw a large one in Palm Springs once that I liked and Harper’s Other Dad found one and gave it to me as a gift. After that they just started following me home. What can I do? I can’t turn them out into the cold.

  5. Great to see you post. You are missed when you’re not around.
    I’m actually intrigued by the loss of a friend, I just posted on that yesterday myself ( maybe that’s a conversation we should have privately). I’m glad the ducks gave you a little inspiration!

  6. So glad you’re back! I understand completely about your draft postings. I think I have as many (70 or so) in my blog folder. Occasionally I go back and loom at them and all too often think “I wrote that?. What was I thinking?” I should delete them but I haven’t as yet, hoping that whatever inspired me to write that drivel reappears in my brain. Nothing yet.

    I said it before in another format (Facebook I think) but I’ll say it again. It was a special great to see you and Harper’s Other Pet while I was in Canada visiting Pat. We’ll have to do it again next year, and this time do the Edge Walk. Well, at least do the zip line at the Canadian Exhibition. Preferable on a stomach full of food court junk food.

    • Great seeing you both in Toronto. It would be great to do it again. As for the Edge Walk at the CN Tower. I kid you not, I am experiencing vertigo just typing the words. It will never happen, at least not in this lifetime.

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