14 comments on “Joan Rivers 1933-2014

  1. Although her name was quite well known on this side she never caught on in a big way, though I’m sure that was due to her broadcast ‘outlets’ only having limited availability here. More’s the pity when I see and hear some of the legacy she left behind. You could enjoy her when she was around, for many of us in Europe it’s a case of regretting what we never had a proper chance to experience.
    Yes, I’ll miss her too.

  2. I was a huge fan, because i love snark humor and shock humor.
    If you haven’t seen “Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work” you should. It really showed how hard she worked every single day of her life. The woman was relentless, and relentlessly funny.

  3. Thank you, I enjoyed reading that and agree with jayinva. I just watched her last Fashion Police on my DVR the night before she was hospitalized. She was hysterically funny as usual. She didn’t push the envelope, she knocked it across the room and onto the floor. She always had an expression or a warmth that made one understand that it was humor and not something vicious. It was her delivery, her talent, that made it all work.

    • I just heard an NPR reference to her that discussed how, at a time when other entertainers seem to spend a lot of time apologizing for things they’ve said, she never did. If anyone was offended her standard response was “Oh, grow up” or “Get over it”. From her that seemed to be enough.

  4. She was not afraid to say what her audience was afraid to say – brilliant and brave. May we all do things we love up until a week before we leave this earth.

  5. I have to check out your blog more often–your husband tends to steal the spotlight! I like how you write about Joan–I was a huge fan of her fearlessness and relevance, as well as her willingness to support gays early on. She did a marvelous episode on “Louie” a few years back that showcased the talent she had as an actress, even though she was playing herself. Here is a clip: http://youtu.be/BnAIX7fWsdU?list=PLlX1NMXjKk_AtYAYlSrGoFVg-OgRUCfxa

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. I need to be better about posting so people will have a reason to stop by. I would never say Spo steals the spotlight. (I might think it but I would never say it!). He is one of the two guys,. both names Michael oddly enough, that encouraged me to blog.

      Thanks for the clip too. Interestingly, that scene was included Terry Gross’s Fresh Air interview with Rivers, which was rebroadcast after Rivers’ death, so I’d heard it but never seen it. Joan was definitely one of a kind.

      • Well I only post once every couple of months, so don’t be pressured! Readers will wait for the good stuff! Glad you liked the clip–if you have Netflix you might enjoy the full episode. Look under the show “Louie” for the “Joan” episode.

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