23 comments on “I’m Calendar Challenged

  1. I am chronologically disabled. 100%. If your experience were to happen to me, I’d be frozen in place, never to move again since I would not have any method of knowing where I was to go next. IO back up my calendar that resides with {very large email/calendar/apps provider} locally. Who knows what shenanigans I might have to go through to restore it, were it ever to be trashed, but I do have a little piece of mind.

    Now off to the Radical Reels Film Festival. It’s more my style than the ballet or opera. My calendar is telling me t, anyway!

    Peace ❤

  2. I still have the old paper calendar with the pretty picture and the square box for each day so I can write it all down. Never used these techy stuff, do not believe in them. Less technology makes everyone happy. Come the revolution they will be the first ones to be shot. Promise!

  3. Isn’t honey “bee-vomit” and not “bee-poop”?

    Hopefully the “engineers” at said company will be able to recover your data for you. If it’s a paid service, they should definitely do that, as they should have backup servers with your data. If it’s a free service though…

  4. I would be lost and wander endlessly in circles without my electronic calendar. The Company servers manage mine, maybe I should starting printing it our and taping it to the back of the office door.

    • I try to avoid mentioning business names in any negative context in my blog lest I pop up on their searches and there be drama. But the name of the chocolate flavored beverage in the post is a hint.

      • Oh no. I feel your pain. The company with a name similar to the chocolate beverage makes it difficult to back up one’s data as well. I had to go through a convoluted process to get my email out of their cloud and onto my own hard drive.

        I rely on a paper day planner myself. It is risky because it is a single point of failure; I still prefer it to keeping my data with a large provider. I would only do so if I could make regular, automated backups that I could use offline. But I am a dinosaur.

  5. I’ve never been able to synchronize my calendars – or if they do I get double entries, sometimes triple. So I simply allow LNB to keep track of these things on the paper calendar that hangs on a wall in the kitchen. Next year’s is already being populated – its a rather pretty Japanese flavoured one. Far nicer to look at than a blank screen.

  6. “Matthew”, “Ryan”, “Audrey”, “Phillip” . . . . . all working out if Mumbai from a script I assure you. Just one more reason I left Mr. Softee’s World of outsourcing customer service to make the most bucks possible for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to buttress his creds for a Nobel Peace prize for eliminating Third World hunger and disease. Maybe you should consider a company that puts customers first instead of the beatification of a sixty some year old man who still wears bangs. Just a thought.

    • Yikes, some hostility in that comment. For what it’s worth; #1. My problem has nothing to with MicroSoft (so Bill & Melinda G have no interest). #2. Absolutely stunned by your attitude toward Gates Foundation. If the worst thing a member of the super-rich does is invest their wealth in treating hunger & disease (also education reform and climate change btw) then they’re OK in my book. You’d prefer he invested in greed and Tea Party politics? We’ll agree to disagree about this one…. like piano bars. 🙂

      • Yikes, I’m surprised that your surprised by my “attitude” towards Bill Gates. I’ve always subscribed to the “King Has No Clothes” reality, especially in Gates case. I’m all for members of the super rich helping out those less fortunate but in Mr. Softees case, why doesn’t he apply his excess millions to hunger and property and lack of medical care right here in the good old USA? Especially Appalachia? I’ll tell you why, because it wouldn’t get the world wide attention that his “endeavors” in India (why India?) get. I’m sure you know why the super rich “give” to charity? It’s a tax deduction (see how much they would give if they didn’t get a tax deduction) and it creates goodwill for their brand, in Gates case his quest for a Nobel Peace Prize. Remember, this man (with the bangs) is the one who stole the windows icon idea from Steve Jobs and then proceeded to make his billions by licensing the Windows operating system to businesses, over and over again. Gates is a ruthless businessman who only has one interest . . . . himself. And the “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation” . . . . . another case of the wife being the do gooder just like Don Imus’s wife has her charities. Look, these are bored rich people who want to be lionized and canonized. Your suggestion that I would prefer he invest in Tea Part politics is ridiculous and you know it. Gates could invest his excess billions right here in the United States. We have more than our share of poor and impoverished. Gates if a phony. He has no soul. Yes, we agree to disagree on this one . . . . and piano bars. Every piano bar I’ve ever been in (trapped usually, unintentionally) was inhabited by a no talent, LOUD so called singer (which was the case at Zippers – SO LOUD AND BAD). Again, the king has no clothes. L)

  7. And oh, BTW, every Windows based product I EVER got (four computers) crashed. Microsoft offers no help. Their customer support sucks. In fact, it is non-existent. But they have the world trapped into using their inferior product. The day I ditch (gave it away) my Dell computer with the Windows system was a day of freedom for me (four years ago). I’ve been with Apple products since and NEVER had a problem. Bill still has a Windows based laptop (Toshiba) and complains constantly about how long it takes to boot up, frequent upgrades, and virus checks. Gates and Ballmer pulled perhaps the biggest scam this world has ever known by selling their inferior Windows based computer systems. I’ve wasted thousands of dollars on them/ and never once received any support. And as Edith (Lily Tomlin) said “And that’s the truth!”

    • No hard feelings but I’m not going to engage in another round on this. I hear that your experience with MS has been negative. My post had nothing to do with any MS product or service. The issue about which I was writing (OK, bitching) was exactly the same on my smart phone and laptop, both Apple products, as on my desktop PC. If you want to do 30 paragraphs on why Gates is the anti-Christ you have a terrific blog, have at it! I may even comment.

      The whole concept of “agreeing to disagree” requires a degree of mutual respect. You have an opinion based on your experiences, beliefs and values. I hear and respect that. My experiences, beliefs and values are different so I am not going to accept your view as “truth” just because you present it as if it came down from the mountaintop on a stone tablet.

      Let’s move on.

  8. No hard feelings of course. You do know the nuances of my reply are lost in the seen typed word. 🙂 Now put up your dukes. 🙂

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