7 comments on “Milestones In The Popular Culture

  1. I remember reading Cuckoo’s Nest. And watching with rapt attention the original run of Gilligan’s Island. I was very little. But we watched it as a family. Good stuff.

    Peace ❤

  2. I’ve never read Cuckoo’s Nest, so maybe it’s time. But in our high school, Catcher in the Rye was required. I also took an English class where LOTR was required reading. And back in junior high, when I and my parents were discovering that I might be “different,” they sent me to confirmation classes at church where the pastor made us read Siddartha. I hated spending my Saturday mornings like that and I can’t (or won’t) remember anything about that book. I would have gladly joined the castaways at that point (I did have a crush on the Professor).

    • I was glad when they changed the Gilligan’s Island theme song to include “….the Professor and Mary Ann”. It was kind of rude in the first season when the theme song referred to them as “…and the rest”.

      It was certainly not a crush (!!) but my favorite character was always Mrs Howell. She once offered the pearl of wisdom; “Anyone who says money can’t buy happiness does not know where to shop“.

  3. Siddartha was controversial? That surprises me.

    You are totally allowed to have man-crushes on nature’s bachelors.

    • I might be wrong in applying the term ‘controversial’ to Siddhartha. It was certainly among those ‘intellectual cred status’ books however, perhaps only because it was not required reading for any class and yet was still seen as a ‘must read’.

  4. I would add A Clockwork Orange, Brave New World, The Outsiders (or better yet, That Was Then, This Is Now), and Lord of the Flies to that list. And since I grew up in the quasi-South, anything by Carson McCullers. I have tried to get through a few of Pynchon’s works, but can’t stand them. And for the pure trashiness of it, Valley of the Dolls.

    • Thanks for the comment. All the books would certainly qualify as controversial on some level. I didn’t think of Lord of the Flies because was actually in the curriculum. I don’t recall anyone in high school reading or talking about reading A Clockwork Orange but they may have been because the film was so popular at the time. I love that movie (!!- I have a framed poster but Harper’s Other Dad won’t let me hang it). I think I was in my 30’s before I read Burgess’ novel.

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