8 comments on “Preaching to the Choir – National Coming Out Day

  1. In the hate debate that is going on now, reminds me of similar propaganda in many other countries where populist politicians speak of what decent and respectable people do, and ask are you a decent person and respectable citizen. It a speech that goes to the core of Bourgeois values the middle-class or those who think themselves in that group aspire too and it is seductive to hear it. Maybe the tide can be turned and those people will disappear, those whose life style we do not approve of. The populist politician knows this works every time. Though in Canada the question was settled 20 years ago today with the Reform Alliance and Conservative politicians the same questions are being re-debated, on abortion on gay rights. People living in large urban centres are described as Communists, immoral.
    Only people who are living in the suburbs with other white folk are nice and decent because they have values. Social questions or what kind of society do we wish to be do not go away, they are always there. What I do not like is the confrontational and hateful speech, eventually it will come to a head.

  2. WHAT!?! Harper’s Dad is gay?!? Harper has two Dads?!?

    I’m afraid that I am going to have to retire to the fainting chaise.

    Sidenote: “coming out” is also the opportunity to thank friends and relatives who had the patience to wait until you were ready to tell them

  3. Well, I’m glad you came out… as a blogger. It’s difficult to believe that two years have gone by.

    Although National Coming Out Day might not in itself move the minds of those who lack understanding and empathy, I agree with your previous blog post that even those who lack empathy and understanding change their minds when those close to them come out. (See: Dick Cheney and even GW Bush)

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