18 comments on “Makin’ Jerky

  1. I read you story to Nicky and Nora my little WireHair Dachshunds, their eyes had that fierce far away look and they were licking their chops like the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood. They can be very helpful in the kitchen. But the mere mention of raw meat brings out the ancient Hunting Dachshunds instinct in them. Then I thought, wait a minute, I read your story before in the Book of Roman Catholic Saints, You are St-David of Phoenix, virgin and martyr. I do hope that the Spo guy appreciates all your manly efforts on his behalf. Though I wonder what are they thinking at the Office when he greats people and he is chewing a great big piece of beef jerky.

    • I guess I can finally give up that ‘virgin’ thing now. I’ve been saving myself for marriage so I guess I’ve run out of excuses.

      ‘Martyr’, on the other hand, is a life-style choice.

  2. If you want an oven that goes that low get a convection toaster oven. They’re less than a hundred bucks and they go down to about 150F. Plus the convector helps to evaporate moisture.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. Good suggestion. Convection would definitely be a plus. The problem with a toaster oven is capacity. I had to do two batches in a full size oven. At 6 hrs per batch it would take days to make it in a toaster oven. If I want to get serious about it I should buy a dehydrator but we only make it a 2-3 times per year.

  3. Wouldn’t the best time to make jerky be summer? You could just leave
    the raw strips of meat in the Arizona sun to dry like HOD’s tomato

  4. I think it has to do with women not being thrilled with thinly slicing bloody raw meat! HAHAHAHA I personally LOVE beef jerky, and both Bear and Bull helped me finish it off every time I had some.

    Peace ❤

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