19 comments on “Nature’s Bachelors Can Now Become Grooms

  1. What a strange land you live in. You need for your own sanity to move out of there. Your governor is way out of line for someone who is suppose to understand and up-hold the law Federal and otherwise. But then again in the 1960’s in Alabama they had George Wallace, remember him.

    • Your knowledge of American life continues to amaze me. I do, indeed, remember George Wallace. “Segregation Now, Segregation Tomorrow, Segregation Forever”. He ran for President as an independent candidate in 1968 with Curtis LeMay as his running mate. Wallace was for re-segregating public schools. Lemay wanted to use nuclear weapons in Viet Nam. Their campaign stop in my hometown of Racine Wisconsin was the first time I attended a real live protest rally. I was 12. :).

      Of course George’s spirit and politics are still with us. He’s just gotten a face lift, better hair product, and changed his name to Rand Paul.

      Everything old is new again.

      • I just read a lot. I also lived through those periods, long memory I suppose. It is just sad that populist politicians know what button to push to get a vote and a reaction.

  2. I do not understand the negative outlook. I’m celebrating the progress, but I am not in your shoes. I see every step forward as a step in the right direction. I’m happily married, have been since 2008 and I’m thankful for it. We all have differing perspectives. I guess that helps us to challenge our own perspectives to make sure we are in alignment with our values.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. It’s an historic moment and one that should be celebrated.

      Truth be told, I don’t fully understand the negative reaction either. Part of it is that marriage is still illegal in Michigan which forces me to accept that, in the 10 years since we left, it has ceased to be a ‘blue’ state. When the ugliness that is Arizona politics gets too overwhelming I used to take comfort in knowing there were places where at least some of the people had progressive values. There still are such places, of course, but none I’ve ever lived in nor to which I feel any emotional connection.

      Another facet is I have completely lost faith in the courts to ultimately do the right thing. This was a big win but the current SCOTUS is much more like the Court that gave us Plessy v Ferguson than the Court that overturned it. If there is any lesson in recent history, it is that a ruling by SCOTUS does not end the fight on any issue. Roe, the Voting Rights Act, the Affordable Care Act are good examples. Now we have a presidential hopeful from a major political party publicly advocating the repeal of the Civil Rights Act so businesses would be free to return to “Whites Only” services and accommodations. Many politician have held those beliefs over the years but this is the first time, in my lifetime, when a mainstream candidate could not only say it publicly but gain support by doing so.

      I think I just need to focus on the trees a little more and think less about the forest.

  3. If it weren’t for the more liberal Southern half of Nevada we would be in the situation here. In fact a doctor in my place of employment called benefits and asked how to add his partner to his insurance. The answer was astounding,”We’ve decided not to recognize gay marriages.” I didn’t know each business could make up their own policy. We still have a fight.

    • Years ago I left a bank where I’d worked for more than a decade. While there my partner was covered by my health insurance. When I left there and had to use COBRA for a couple of months before my benefits started with a new employer they canceled his coverage. I called the head of HR and she told me the COBRA rules do not require them to make it available so they chose not to do so. I asked whether that would have been true if I were married to a woman and she said they’ve always continued coverage for spouses and children. I told it was an odd choice since it doesn’t actually cost the employer anything, the cost is paid by the insured. She said; we’re not going to do it “in this case”. He was able to add himself to his employer’s plan so there was no real damage but it was educational.

      • There are only 3 incorporated AZ cities that have city ordinances prohibiting discrimination on the basis of orientation. There are no county, state, or federal protections. Outside those cities, the only discrimination prohibited is that addressed by the federal Civil Rights Act. Any business (outside those 3 cities) can refuse service to gays. Gay owned businesses cannot refuse service to someone who walks in wearing a “God Hates Fags” button because religion is protected at the federal level. The poor Christian bakeries forced to serve gays were in CO. and NM where state laws prohibit discrimination on the basis of orientation. No such protection exists in AZ.

  4. I wouldn’t worry too much about 2016 as all the Republican party has been able to front are candidates with serious electoral liabilities. Come on, Mitt Romney was pretty much sunk in 2012 aned then he made that 47% comment and sunk even further.

    And more to the point Ted Cruz can never be President. He wasn’t born in the United States. Palin is a has been, Perry is a loon, and Paul is following up on that.

      • Yeah – and the thing is – once marriage equality is the law of the land I expect the other discriminatory laws on the book to go the way of the do-do.

        Here in RI we’ve had full raft protection of the LGB community since 1996 and for transgender since 2001.

        And of course marriage equality via legislature since 2013.

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