10 comments on “I Feel The Spirit of Christmas

  1. God save us from the Christian Right and their fundamentalistic views! Their inerrata about live, gospel, etc feeds a population that doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to question and discern. Drama and ranting, coffee and praise band singing, all part of today’s Big Box churches and the masses they serve. Argh

  2. How strange he is advocating genocide against his fellow Americans. As for the word recommend I think his lawyers told him not to use the word commends, thus advocating violence which might make him liable. Though it is very sad to hear people like that and in many ways throws ridicule on the USA and the Baptist Church.

  3. And the sadder part is that almost no other “minister” denounced this sh!theap of non-humanity. It’s no wonder organized religion is losing membership at an astonishing rate. Hopefully, the congregations of old, white men (and a few women) will die out soon.

    Peace ❤

  4. I’m with you about the laughter–I took a swipe at the not-so-good “Pastor” on my blog today.
    I cannot imagine anyone who considers themselves a Christian laughing at the idea of killing someone, anyone.
    So effing-Christ-like, you know.

  5. Number 1: As a Christian I am wondering how this lunatic became a preacher in the first place. His hate speech is vile and totally against the teachings of Jesus and the love that God has for his faithful. Number 2: If this idiot had done his research before spewing this garbage, he would know that AIDS started in Africa among heterosexuals and this was known to intelligent scientists and medical researchers, back in the early 80’s when it reared it’s head in the USA. Unfortunately the intelligent scientists and researchers were not from the US, but Belgium and France etc. who were also facing this disease. To keep blaming homosexuals for this disease is sickening and infuriating and I hope there is a special place in Hell, just for him and those who think like him.

  6. I found this site accidentally or perhaps it was providence. I am a Christian, well at least I am a Methodist and I do know in more conservative denominations the term Methodist Christian is suspect. I am pretty sure, in my Bible, Jesus in not really a big proponent of mass murder. So sad that some of the new and improved interpreters for God seem to be so far from his message. Last time I read the New Testament there was only one commandment from Jesus. It was that testy Love Each Other. And as you said, it was not a recommendation but a command. Bet He would be so proud of that guy!

  7. As you pointed out using mathematics and factual data, this is the rant of a hateful and uneducated person, and the laughter of the ignorant. What a shame these people call themselves Christians, as they behave nothing like the figure from whom they take their name.

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