15 comments on “Harper the Helper

  1. Curious, whenever something needs doing she usually instantly vanishes.
    Perhaps it is the feminine side of her viz. ‘her place is in the kitchen”.
    I bet she gets more scraps than I get I am the supervisor.
    I am fairly certain her indifference towards Urs Truly will be compensated when we actually consume the pot pie; I suspect someone (not the two legged version) will suddenly return to being my best friend.

  2. I think she has ulterior motives. But I can be a bit cynical this time of year. If you want to call it the “Christmas spirit” then suit yourself.
    Great pic!

  3. Oh, she’s slavering! Get done with it and give her the entire bird. At least you can spectate her pleasure.

  4. Perfect picture.
    As to dogs licking crockery, our last Boston Terrier, ‘Margo’, developed an ear for the graduated resonance of a dinner plate as it goes from full to empty. When the sound indicated that the plate was emptying too slowly, she would commence the doggy equivalent of drumming her fingers. SO pushy;-)

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