23 comments on “Hindsight

  1. I technically am slightly nearsighted so I have a pair I’ve had for over a decade. Don’t really wear them. And not at the point where I need reading glasses just yet.

  2. you handsome devil you! the early 90s pix reminds me of john denver. I too started wearing glasses at age 12; contacts squick me right out!

    I just got new lenses last month; they were able to use my old frames (which make me look FABULOUS!); cost me $8 on my insurance plan!

  3. You are like myself and have worn a wide variety of styles. I too have been wearing glasses since childhood, contacts for a short time, but the oldest pair that I have are from high school. It seems a shame not to donate them but the majority are so scratched up they would give a person fits as they did me before I changed. Since my insurance pays for a new pair every year, I usually get new ones about every 2 years and unfortunately I seem to need the change. I hated having the tinted ones from the 80’s–who in the hell did I think I was–and I loathed the ones that changed from outdoors to indoors. And my most recent pair, trifocals, will not be repeated either. What misery!
    I like your new ones. They look good on you or you look good with them on. Did Harper notice the change?

    • Thanks for reading commenting. I didn’t get a sense that Harper noticed a difference butI change glasses frequently and often go without so I don’t think she’d attached to a specific look…. either that or she id just rolling her eyes when I’m not looking.

    • I should check into whether it again. When I checked into it a decade ago they told me it would correct the vision in each eye but I’d still beed to wear glasses for the prism-ing; i.e. I’d see everything clearly but I would still have double vision. Perhaps they have refined the lasik process to address that. It’s worth checking

  4. Apparently the late ’80s were very surprising for you.

    I agree with your approach – four years or so is about right. I notice that when the time comes, I tilt the frames so I read through a different part of the lens (or just remove my glasses and jamb the reading materials right up to my face).

    You’re stylin’ dude!

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. It took me a while to get the hang of looking through different parts of the lenses when I first got bifocals. Actually the hardest part was walking down stairs without getting motion sickness. 🙂

  5. You look like the huge brooding poster in the mind of F.Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘G.G’

    My grandmother always used to say, with perfect sincerity, “Oh, my glasses are getting so weak!”

  6. I keep three very different pair and my contacts so I can rotate through them changing looks to fit my mood. I just had my prescription change and my bank account has me rethinking this grand concept….

    • Nice to know the reverse happens sometimes. I like the glasses I see on thinner, less round, faces but when I put them on I look like Dudley Dursley. The grass is always greener, I guess.

  7. I chose my own [current] glasses for their ‘invisibility’. They are frameless, micro titanium temple pieces, with a micro titanium bridge holding the two lenses together. First crack out of the barrel, someone commented that they looked kinda ‘Benjamin Franklin’. That was not the effect I was going after;-)

  8. I’m impressed that you’ve saved your old glasses. I keep the most recent old pair in case my current glasses need mending. But my older ones…I donate to the Goodwill.

  9. I bought new glasses in December, we were changing vision insurance the first of the year and I wanted to take advantage of the old – more generous – coverage before the change. Over the years I have bought a couple of bold choices, and figured out that I like plastic (lighter weight) and rectangular best.

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