11 comments on “Feherty.live

  1. Love that photo last photo. That will be a collectors’ item one day (or at least that’s what I’m ALWAYS told). Seattle is competing in something on Sunday? How exciting. Bake off? Mad Libs? Just kidding… really, just kidding)… World Series, right?

    • I’m looking forward to seeing Ms Perry on t.v. like everyone else. I entered a lottery to be part of the on-the-field audience for half-time but didn’t get picked. :-(. A friend was on the field when the Rolling Stones played half-time at the Super Bowl in Detroit. She said it was amazing, even though you’re not allowed to watch the game

  2. Back in 1979, I worked a week of Phil Donahue Shows live from Huntington, WV. In an amphitheater. They were way less strict in some ways! I was a cameraman, and general cable puller. Fun times!

    Peace ❤

    • That must have been interesting. I was impressed by camera people on Feherty.live. They have 3 cameras in fixed positions (at least, I don’t know whether there were more in the balcony) and a couple steady cam operators moving around the hall and several handhelds. I guess between the broadcast, their website and they social media they need lots of images.

      • It really was for a 20 year old. This was back in the day when 3 or 4 cameras were all you had, because a studio camera weighed 300+ pounds and was on a 75 pound tripod! Handheld cameras weighed 25 to 30 pounds and cost upwards of $100,000 with a lens on it, so maybe one handheld (but certainly no Steadicams).


    • A bit of a tangent but occasionally people show up in the dog park with a handgun holstered on their belt. Honorable people can disagree about the 2nd Amendment but I tire of hearing what responsible, law-abiding citizens the NRA folks are. I am sure most are. These folks, on the other hand, just breezed past three, count ’em three, posted signs stating weapons are not allowed in the park. Tap dance around the politics as they will, at moment, to my mind, they became a law-breaker with a weapon.

      Not sure how I feel about the Jim Nabors comparision. That name is a blast from the past.

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