13 comments on “Today Could Be Fun… Or Not

  1. I always wonder about the thought processes of the organizers of these events. I’ve seen the same sort of thing happen at other similar (though not as big name) events. Glad you will stick it out. Hope you get to stay, that will make an excellent blog post with all the surreptitious pictures I know you will take with your phone!

    Peace ❤

    • Pictures, surreptitious or otherwise aren’t possible while ushering. We are prohibited from having our phones. I don’t think the intent of the rule really has anything to do with photos. They don’t think it looks good for ushers to texting or reading emails. They provide lockers for us to store them while working. A reminder this is included in the email we get before each shift and there were a few extra reminders for this event.

  2. Considering that the NFL, the owners, managers, and players could easily afford to PAY a staff to do what you’re all willing to do for free, you’d think they’d be more gracious. You’re a better man than I.

  3. The fans at such games rarely offer much in terms of eye candy. They live through the players their fantasy life. More clients for the Spo guy. As for owners and players, they make obscene salaries but they are always crying poor. Same thing here in Ottawa with Hockey team, sad really.

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