9 comments on “…. Not

  1. I love your behind the scenes play-by-play. You seem to be a very patient, dependable (and ethical) person. Had it been me in your shoes there would have been a lot of eye rolling, aggressive arm crossing, and harrumphing going on.

    So the Sugarplum Fairy is a drunk, eh? Who knew?

    • I probably conveyed a little frustration at one point with the venue managers. They were very clear they wanted us to stay, but it was like pulling teeth to nail down what they needed us to do. They were stressed. I am sure they were doing the best they could.

      Certainly not the dancers in the Nutcracker (I hope!) but more than a few Scottsdale dowagers balked at having to chug their pinot noir before coming back for the second half.

  2. I’m trying to figure out why a collared shirt and jeans seems inappropriate for an event centered around football or any sport. I understand that it is an awards ceremony but it is sports. Kudos to you for honoring your commitment.

    • I wouldn’t say anyone’s attire was inappropriate, just much more ordinary than I’d imagined. It had been described as a ‘red carpet/black tie’ event. Mentioning it in the context of ‘eye candy’, I was trying to convey that I’d pictured athletic-looking men in tuxedos with glamorous women on their arms and I was, mostly, disappointed. Probably more about my unrealistic expectations than anything else

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