6 comments on “The Shelf Life of Blog Fodder

  1. If there was any blessing in getting nuked, and losing nearly 5 years of blogging, it also cleaned out the detritus you describe. I had 80 or so drafts, none of which, when revisited, could compel me to finish them, nor delete them. Done. I promise to keep my WP nest much cleaner!

    Peace ❤

  2. I for one appreciate that you are blogging. Everybody has the right
    not to blog (and it is a shame that we all demand fresh content
    instead of lingering over archives) but I like your blog and am glad
    to see that you have not given it up as just another fad.

    I also like personal entries, and would enjoy reading about Harper’s
    dog food and your tetanus shot.

  3. I hit publish and then regret it later You mean you actually edit your blog! Mine is purely streams of crap most of the time unless I am telling a story from the past. Some of those get a second look before posting. My problem is my drafts are in my head.

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