11 comments on “I’m Disappointing The Timbit

  1. you may not realize it but you have reached the end of Capitalism. As Karl Marx would describe it you have become the slave of the machine. Are the Koch brothers behind this device?

  2. I have a Uwatch U8 – I can’t wear it. I haven’t worn a watch in a very long time – ever since the clocks on cell phones got more accurate than any watch. And I found typing on a laptop with the watch on was painful.

  3. I love mine and yes, I wear it in the shower. It’s actually okay to do so! I take it off when I do the dishes, but that’s the only time I take it off, other than when I charge it. 🙂

    Keep up the great work!

    • It never occurred to me that it might be water resistant enough for the shower. I may revisit that.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I’ve added your blog to my blog roll. I look forward to checking it out

  4. In honor of the Timbit I signed out a pedometer from the library, which is like a Timbit except for my insurance company doesn’t get to see the data. So far I am disappoint.

    It is good that the Timbit is getting you to exercise. I fall prey to the other kind of Timbit all too frequently, with predictable results.

    • I’ve struggled with pedometers because I’ve never felt like I was able to calibrate them for my stride. If I’d been as diligent about it as I was with the Timbit it would probably been just as effective. Nice that your library has them. You can figure out a few basic routes and, after you have to return it, you’ll still be able to count

  5. I have, and use, a ‘Jawbone’ band, but it is so unreliable with regard to distance, that I really only use it for duration. Also, the “GO’ app on my iPhone for progress tracking, etc. does seem like Big Brother, not only because the software updates itself without my permission, the conversation it tries to strike up with me seems a little too ‘familiar’;-)

    • The Timbit was pretty close on distance right out of the box but once I calibrated it for my (walking and running) strides it does fine. The integration between the computer, my phone and the wrist strap is cool but it a spooky kind of way. I like that I get a text message on my phone telling me when it needs to be charged though it does seem pushy.

      My biggest challenge is we’ve reached the season when I can start getting in the pool so I spend time trying to recall where I put it when I took it off…or forgetting to put it back on. Then I get one of those “WTF…” messages because I appear to have not moved in several hours.

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