13 comments on “The Interview

  1. I found it online for free. Plus Netflix has it already. Funny enough movie – if a little stupid. But who Kim gets killed at the end, priceless.

  2. I concur completely: stupid, inane, and vapid. I was so bored that I dozed and watched thru a fog a couple of times. Sorry to have wasted $$$ but was curious about the brouhaha. Wonder if the Sony deal was staged?

  3. Like you, I wouldn’t have bothered about it were it not for the fuss – and I haven’t because although it has been given a limited cinema release here, it’s only been screened at 9 p.m. putting it out of reach for me. (I don’t/can’t watch films on my prehistoric-generation computer). Nevertheless, I’m still intrigued despite your negative review which confirms what I’ve heard about it from other sources. One said that the funniest bit, among the long laugh-less stretches, is it at the very start when Eminem ‘comes out’, which itself hardly sounds hilarious.

    I’m with you 100% on your views about being offended, and in this case it was quite a change for someone to take umbrage for a reason other than religion – unless it includes self- and state-decreed hero-worship, though it was probably more because of the subject’s vanity being punctured rather than his politics.

  4. I am SOOO over the Seth Rogan/James Flacko bromance and all the inside jokes. And they get paid the big bucks (millions) for their horsing around. Amazing, just amazing.

  5. Sony really managed to cash in on the controversy, I guess.

    Was Kim-Jong Un skewered more or less than his dad in *Team America: World Police*?

  6. I have not seen ‘The Interview’, but I’ll go with the consensus: ‘juvenile and stupid’. The cartoons in Charlie Hebdo also seem juvenile and stupid to me. Making fun of Muhammed in this disintegrating ‘Post-9/11’ world? The ‘I am Charlie Hebdo’ protests were obviously in support of freedom of speech. Unfortunately, I found myself subliminally (and unwelcomedly, in light of the murders) reacting to them as support of poking a very dangerous animal with a stick through the bars of a very fragile cage.

    This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco, this ain’t no fooling around.

    • We are absolutely on the same page about Charlie Hebdo. Freedom of expression is very high on the list of things I worry about but I am always ambivalent about defending the rights of people to be offensive. And I became even more ambivalent when “Je Suis Charlie” was so quickly corrupted the message from “I support freedom of expression” to “I hate Muslims”.

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