11 comments on “Simple Dreams

  1. She’s one of, if not the, top favorites in our house. Ken saw her with the Stone Poneys back in the day. I first saw her in DC when “Get Closer” came out. We’ve subsequently seen her many times, including at Radio City Music Hall with Nelson Riddle, together with Emmy Lou Harris in San Francisco, and on stage with Kate and Anna McGarrigle, also in SF (she was sitting in the audience right behind us when the concert began, then subtly slipped back stage only to come out to do “Heart Like a Wheel” with K&A). We have this book and Ken has read it and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have yet to read it. Perhaps now is a good time!

    • I’m delighted to connect with another fan and more than a little jealous of the times you’ve seen her. She writes very positively about both Harris and the McGarrigles in the book.

      It was such a pleasure to hear her last year. Sad that she can no longer sing but I found her warm, articulate, and most of all gracious.

      I loved the book and suspect you will too. For a fan it is a page-turner. Please let me know your thoughts when you read it.

  2. I’ve always loved Linda. I grew up listening to her and then remember when she switched the Gears and released Lush Life, I had a crush on a really handsome boy who shared that album with me. That was my introduction to standards and started my appreciation for them.

      • She talks in the book about how much they wanted to perform together but between their individual commitments and the fact they were with competing labels they were never able to organize it

      • Funny she states that because they released not one but two albums together, the first being my favorite about 1987. The Trio started performing together live about 1976 and continued for many years. There’s bunches of videos on YouTube. Trio is on the Warner Brothers Nashville label and Trio 2 (1999) is on the Asylum label. Both are probably available on iTunes. If you haven’t heard these it is a must. Thre three together are just amazing.

      • She talked about how much they enjoyed recording together and the times they were able to do one-off appearances together (such guesting together on a t.v. show). What they were unable to do was put together a tour of full length concerts. As I recall two of them were with different labels and one was without a contact at the time. I didn’t mean to misrepresent her text.

  3. I had ‘mislaid’ the American Songbook series (which I was crazy about when they appeared) in my memory. I’m going in search in the closets of those vinyls this very day. Thanks!

    • There are many great recordings of those songs but LR’s cover of “Someone to Watch Over Me” is very high on list of favs. Also, while “My Funny Valentine” has never been a favorite song, her range is just ideal for it.

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