10 comments on “Napoli

  1. I think you’d have to be an unapologetic balletomane, as you evidently are, to work up the necessary enthusiasm to go to see this one, H.K. I’m glad it worked out well (despite your few reservations), otherwise the ensuing obligatory attendances as usher could have become a crushing bore. Instead, you’ve widened your horizons, most likely still being able to whistle some of the work’s best tunes! (Were there any Naples-evoking mandolins?)
    Interesting to see Gade as one of the composers, yet another of those hopelessly neglected composers who deserves to be performed far more often. He’s in no way ‘difficult’. I suppose the music used was extracted from his work(s)?
    Must say that whenever I used to go to the ballet (only rarely, I must aver) it was the fact of the composer who drew me the most, with my going primarily to experience the score once more – ever an aural experience rather than a visual one.

    • Ballet is relatively new to me. I went for the first time about 10 yrs ago so my tastes are not very well informed. Like you, I enjoy the music. I prefer modern, more abstract pieces rather than fairy tales and more narrative plots. I like the aesthetics, grace and athleticism of it. And, if am I candid, there is a significant ‘eye candy’ element as well.

      • Oh, you must mean those tights, suggestively padded in front. (Do away with the ‘box’, I say – and let it all go hang, as in lycras.)

  2. Ciao…. I don’t often comment but I’m so glad you enjoyed Napoli. I have a particular fondness for the Bournonville ballet. During the years that our National Ballet had the wonderful Erik Bruhn as it’s artistic director we got to see both Napoli and La Sylphide. It is decidedly different – a great deal of mime as well as dance. Wonderful to see that the company there is learning and performing these wonderful works.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. Your vast knowledge of all things cultural (and some things not so cultural) never fails to impress me. I understand La Sylphide is performed quite often by companies around the world. I will certainly seek it out if I have the opportunity to see it.

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