25 comments on “It’s a Dog’s Life

  1. Loved this post! Reminds me if the times when we had dogs (Pomeranians) and had to give them baths. They sure do know how to put on the martyr face don’t they? Great pictures too.

  2. That’s so cute! She is so cute! But I get you exactly. Both of my dogs were the same way with comprehension. One could spell W A L K. The first loved the water, baths, swimming, mud, he was like a little kid after a rain – he’d find the mud and play in it! He didn’t mind the hosing off, or the baths that followed. The other one, while still part-Lab, wasn’t as enamored with water in general, and would act just like Harper when bath time rolled around!

    Peace ❤

    • Harper does not like water at all. She walks around puddles on the sidewalk and she’ll ‘hold it’ rather than going out in the rain. She does love the drying off part afterward

  3. Yep Nicky and Nora are the same, though they will not come if called for a bath. They know better. So we just go to the groomers instead. They are usually very glad to just get the hell out of there afterwards. Give them a biscuit and it is all forgotten.

    • Harper goes to a pet salon a couple times a year to have her nails ground and her anal glands expressed so she gets a bath from them on those visits. Otherwise she gets to tub at home just like her dads.

  4. Our mac is a water dog…….hard to hold back when getting his first dive off the dock into the river after a thrown “duck stick, uh, ) but…..a nice soothing warm bath at home is something entirely different. … we must never let harper and mac be alone to discuss revenge against us…. 🙂

  5. We have a little Pocket Dog™ who makes bath time quite the adventure, so I cannot imagine what it’s like to bathe a regular sized animal!

  6. At least Harper will come to the bathroom when called. Our dogs must be picked up and placed in the wash basin. Even then they try to ‘escape’ while the bath is in progress. Great photos!!

  7. I take the affection hounds (beagles) to the self-serve dogwash. Initially, all they know is that they are going for a ride in the car. By the time I walk them in, it is too late. The little guy doesn’t like it primarily because he is sensitive to noise and therefore is frightened by the dryers. The girl puts up with it and is pretty and fluffy. I think they give me major forgiveness points for getting them out of there as quickly as possible.

    It also has the advantage that the wash tubs are at standing height which I find much easier on my back.

    • I should give the self-serve place a try. I know they have them in Phoenix but I’ve never done any research. I don’t think H would stand for a dryer however. She leaves the room when I turn on the Sonic toothbrush

  8. Poor Harper ! On the other hand after a bath her fur is so warm, soft, and remarkable. It also seems to grow lighter and whiter too – as if she aged a few years.

  9. Oh the guilt! Molly and Sadie send her love. (Me too) Thank you and to Ur for photos – I know you took a couple of them but it is nice to see you working together for this photo essay.

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