11 comments on “Wild About Harry’s

  1. Thank you! I was wondering about this product because I wanted to buy a new razor and it is advertised in lots of places. I am going to see if they do business in Canada.

  2. “In hindsight, maybe Harry’s is what prompted me to lose my mustache after decades of having one…maybe not.”

    Oh you tease!

    Photo please!

  3. I love these specialty shaving shops. I would also love having someone arrive every morning to shave me (for a day or two… Then I’d probably find it annoying and intrusive).

  4. A friend told me about them and I now have a metallic blue handle and lots of blades. It is the best I have ever ever used and they last along. I will think of you both as I shave.

  5. While not a sucker for a smart/tasteful/tailored web presence, I suppose I am almost a pushover. Harry’s is such a case, but I have yet to succumb. I use Gillette ‘Sensor’ blades (not Sensor ‘Plus’, mind you). They are the skinniest blade cartridges still around, which matters for that spot where nose meets beard. A hard-to-find ‘legacy’ product, I think they still sell for that reason alone.

    As for the ‘surprise’ in the mailbox, that’s how I react to anything UPS abandons on the front porch.

    “Oh, look! Some nice person at Amazon seems to have sent me a present!”

    • I have a very childlike reaction to surprise packages. Boxes are always nice surprises and FedEx envelopes are always scary-bad. Most often neither is the case.

  6. I think you are the first person I know who has bought something because of a podcast ad. I guess podcast advertising really does work. Next you should tell us about your Warby-Parker glasses, your NatureBox subscription, and your fine selection from Adam and Eve dot com.

    • Clearly someone else listens to Dan Savage. :-). At least that is the only podcast I listen to sponsored and Adam & Eve. Actually I first heard the ad for Harry’s on a Slate (now Panoply) podcast called Culture Gabfest. I think they had a promocode for $5 off or something like.

      • “That’s right! You get to choose your own DVDs!”

        I love how much snark Dan emanates when he reads that ad copy. He also NEVER mentions Adam & Eve when recommending toy stores to people — it’s always Babes in Toyland or Good Vibrations or such.

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