12 comments on “I Can’t Even Muster a Good Rant

  1. DAVID! Your post here should be PUBLISHED far and wide……………you’ve stated the Constitutional Case masterfully, and beautifully. Thank you for inspiring me this afternoon………….. seriously! I mean it, this is an inspired writing.

  2. Well – the crazy is going off the rails in the U.S. south and west lately. In fact anything other than the northeast seems to be going totally nuts.

  3. OMG. Anything from the right is frighteningly nutz. But if it has “tea” as prefix, RUN!

  4. Well written again David. I can understand your anger, we have similar problems here now with war in Syria and the establishment of a Secret State Police.

  5. I’ll be the dissenting voice!

    I get that the use of “Sunday” is either ignorant or a subtle hint that we should all embrace Jesus. I get that the US is invested in a separation of church and state (for good reason). But I am somewhat sympathetic to the spirit of the message (so to speak), even though I am functionally atheist. Churches are useful institutions for building community, and community is important for keeping us healthy. Should we force people to go to church? Maybe not. But there might be some social value to putting on strong social pressures.

    I do not think that the churches of which she speaks need to be godly ones. Westernized Buddhism is atheist in the sense that there is no Creator. Alain de Botton’s book “Religion for Atheists” (which I have heard about but not yet read) and some of the things Daniel Dennett writes about might be apropos here.

    That does not mean I endorse her proposed solution, or the belief that churchgoing alone will make it unnecessary for us to carry firearms in public spaces. But there is a kernel of something valuable in her arguments that is worth considering independent of the speaker.

    • Thanks for your well-articulated comment. I disagree but you make valid points.

      Part of my disagreement is because of who this Senator is. She loves to tout her faith but does not allow it to limit her own ambitions. She was fined for violating the State’s Clean Elections laws. The sheriff in her home county threatened to arrest her because, while a county supervisor, she attempted to interfere with the investigation of her son-in-law’s conduct toward female inmates at the jail where he was a detention officer. Her most famous previous contribution in the Senate was stating ‘on the record’ that the earth is only 6000 years old.

      I grew up as a Southern Baptist. I think the church gave me a good morale framework and a basis for making decisions about right and wrong. I split from the church because I came to believe it was inherently wrong that none of the congregations at that time, in my area, were integrated. But I value many of the lessons I learned there. Unfortunately, in 21st-century America, “Evangelical Christian” is, often as not, a euphemism for right-wing hate group so I bristle when a creationist politician says everyone should be required to worship ‘her way’.

      More than anything I resent her mendacity. She can’t imagine why mandatory Christianity might be newsworthy or offensive? I have too much faith in our political system to believe anyone so stupid could be elected to state-wide office. When she says that I must conclude she is being disingenuous. My hunch is she was looking for a way to boost her public profile by justifying her absolute support for unrestricted gun rights in new language. I would bet my life, were church attendance, in fact, mandatory she would support unrestricted gun rights based on the fact that all gun owners are good, church-going people.

  6. I wish this had gone further to make her/her issue the laughingstock of the nation as people wonder how to reinforce such a sumptuary law.

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