10 comments on “P Is For Podcast

  1. Montreal use to have Vespasians They were public urinals in parks installed in the 1930’s by the Mayor and named Vespasian in honour of the Roman Emperor who made them popular in Rome. Now they are all closed for public safety reasons. They had become too popular it appears with Friends of Dorothy. Ottawa has no such problems, just a stiff fine if you should ever think of doing that in public.

  2. I wish I could listen to podcasts. I don’t know why I can’t. I download them, listen to one or two, then neglect them. I think it is because typically, I don’t have time to listen to a whole one on my commute, plus I like the simple local news, and occasionally (but always bad) traffic reports, and endlessly repeating music. I love FA, and WWDTM. But I almost never hear them. There are others. Sigh…
    Peace ❤

    • I can listen to a couple of them while working at home but I think the ‘car time’ is the key. There is one I never fall behind on because the weekly episode drops on Friday morning and I usually take Harper’s Other Dad to work on Fridays so I have almost an hour in the car. And, of course, I live in Phoenix where pretty much going anywhere involves at least 30 minutes on an expressway.

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