12 comments on “Indiana

  1. Strangely enough the philosophy of Mob Rule or the Majority decides everything is the philosophy of our dear Leader Stevie Harper. The big problem is that most people see no problem with that, because they have a simple understanding of Democracy and unfortunately for me, as I have found out more and more lately, no one cares much what happens as long as they are not affected. So it is this idea that if someone should be kicked it should be you. Sad but this is the way things are right now in Canada and the polls now show that come October Harper will probably be re-elected with a minority government. Which is just plain horrible.

  2. Video won’t play here – it’s described as ‘private’. So now I know. 😉

    In the daily posts I read on this sorry saga, usually several a day now, I’ve got to keep pinching myself to ensure I’m awake. My arms and legs are black and blue by now and I do wish they’d give it a break, preferably by quickly settling the thing the only just way it can go. However, not very confident that’s going to happen in a hurry.

  3. If we left it to majority rule, a vote of the people, there are a handful of states that would still have slavery, segregation, where women were denied the vote and where attendance at the “right” church was required. The rule of the bigoted and those incapable of thinking independently or outside their life experience. (My Sunday rant is about higher education.)

    • My favorite perspective on the ‘leave it to the States’ argument: Clarence Thomas is opposed to marriage equality feeling it is a States rights issue. Until the (then, much more progressive) Supreme Court struck the State law down in 1967, his marriage (to a Caucasian woman) was illegal in Virginia…where he lives.

  4. If you can’t discriminate the gays then what good is having a religious defence law? I’m confused.

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