8 comments on “Bollywood Comes To the Desert

  1. Sounds good, though must admit that when it comes to Indian dancing and music, a little goes a long way, despite that being the country of my birth. But you had the competition element which would have played some good part in maintaining interest and keeping the evening alive. Always good to see young people really letting their hair down and enjoying themselves, though – and, like you, I wouldn’t recognise the Indian national anthem if it jumped up and stabbed me in the vitals!

  2. I am glad you are expanding your horizons artistically. However, your in-depth knowledge of foreign anthems is concerning. Be careful: you wouldn’t want Homeland Security to open a file on you.

    • Good to consider. I generally think I am safe in AZ with the Canadian national anthem since it is sung in English…and most of the people that live there are Caucasian.

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