13 comments on “Spring Comes to Casa de Harper

  1. Very entertaining, is this what they call domesticity?
    While in Ottawa, I promise no need of a car but good walking shoes are in order, since we can walk just about everywhere.

  2. Not everyone is as clear-headed (move both cars) or resourceful (lift the door manually) as yourselves. That said – and I wouldn’t write this if I thought I was giving anyone ideas – all the bad guys need to do is knock out the electrical grid in the U.S., and within three or four days, people will be eating each other. I myself have a mild(-ish) case of ‘Princess-and-the-Pea’ complex (one little thing goes wrong, your life is ruined) so I think I know what I’m talking about;-)

  3. Garage door springs do rot out on occasion. But good that you could raise the door without the assistance of the spring. Me, I’d have gotten some heavy duty wire and lashed the spring back together. But alas, I’m handy that way.

  4. this very conundrum has happened to both of us in the past year. YAYZ for manual lifts until our local company (the one that installed the mechanical parts) could come out and perform the repair.

  5. It’s a good thing you guys go to the gym, so you could lift that heavy door. How butch of you!

  6. I had one break one morning when I was leaving for a driving trip. The door weighed about 300 pounds and it was all two people could do to lift it. I had a client try to adjust the tension on one of those springs one time (engineer) took the end off a finger and broke the other hand. Nasty things.

    • This was the first time it had happened to me but a couple of years ago a neighbor had it happen. She called me to help so I was familiar with the process. 🙂

  7. That happened to Carlos when he was leaving for work one day and after fifteen minutes of sitting in his car he came in and asked if we had a taxi service in Smallville so he could get to work.

    It took another fifteen minutes of me biting my tongue before suggesting that we just go out thewre and open the door manually.

    Life is hard in the world of broken garage door openers!

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