6 comments on “Buyer & Cellar

  1. You saw this with the audience made up of straight couples of ‘a certain age’. I saw this with the audience made up of gay couples of ‘a certain age’. Unlike you, I am certain that the crowd I was part of, experienced the same as you and I did – “laugh-out-loud funny while still being touch and very, very funny” (You expressed it so well, that I quoted your words)

    I am assuming that the part of Alex was performed by a local actor. I saw it with Michael Urie, who surprised me (thinking of his disastrous part in the TV show, “Partners”.) I returned a few weeks later to see it with Urie’s replacement and loved it just as much. Judging from your review, your Alex must have been quite good.

    • He was indeed! He’s a popular local (professional) actor often described as “valley favorite…” I’d seen him more often in musicals in the past but that sensibility served him well in the role.

      I was surprised how much I liked this. I saw it a couple of weeks ago actually but delayed posting because I wanted to read the play.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. My ‘new regime’ – new post replaces previous post – is quickly falling apart. I reinstated a post for the benefit of a reader who didn’t know who ‘Billy’ was, now I’ve reinstated a Barbra post from 2010 for you to read (or not). If this has gotten too weird, tell me to go away…

  3. A month since your last post … better get cracking … your thoughts and scribblings are too entertaining and thought-provoking to keep to yourself (haha)

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