23 comments on “A Time Capsule

  1. I think this a lovely entry; I didn’t know about the box. Funny how I see it every day yet never bothered to inquire therein. The one headphone is the most puzzling.

  2. Condoms from 1995 had expiry dates of 2009?!

    You should have hung on to them, so that when you tell the young’uns that you have sweatshirts older than them you could have added another interesting factoid.

    • When I went online to look up the currency exchange rates I checked Trojan’s website to see what the vintage of those might be. Trojan advises their product is designed to have a shelf life of 4-5 years when properly stored. I’m not sure ‘thrown-in-a-wooden-box-and-forgotten-about’ is what they mean by ‘proper storage’ but I assume they manufactured in 2004-2005.

      Such items are not entirely unknown in Casa de Harper but, obviously, this is not their appropriate home, prompting my to wonder how theses two outliers ended up there. My imagination immediately jumps to some tawdry scenario where I needed to hurriedly stash them out of sight but, knowing myself as I do, the truth is probably more like I was unpacking at some point and threw them in a handy box because I was too lazy to walk 15 feet to put them in their proper place.

      • Speaking of tawdry scenarios, are you certain you were the one who stashed the condoms in the little wooden box?

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. There is a premium for uncirculated Susan B’s. I found a few circulated Susan B’s on eBay but I am not sure the hassle of selling them that way is worth it.

  3. I have a couple of small boxes like yours in which I save things that “might come in handy some day.” These include a woven nylon watch band, several single shoe laces that are in good condition although their mate broke one day and I replaced both in the shoes, and a tie clasp in the form of a small gold colored mechanical pencil.

  4. Please (and also s’il vous plait) do let us know about your sojourn to Canada. (From your perspective!) Your writing is much too entertaining to keep us hanging like this. Being from a prairie province I’ve not yet made a trip to that part of Ontario, and as it’s been told by another that this is a repeat trip and destination for you I’d love to get your ‘take’ on the area and people.

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