18 comments on “I Guess You Had To Be There

  1. “I guess you had to be there”?
    Nope, another great ‘portrait’ of the kind you do.
    I’m willing to guess you’d never see this in Canada, but what do I know;-)

    (I wrote a post with you in mind last week.
    Pardon the appearance of pitching my blog.)

    • Thanks for the kind words. Which of your posts was it? I particularly liked the one about Harper Lee’s new release. I already have it in my Kindle but decided to reread “…Mockingbird” before I started it.

      • The ‘Harper’ post was the one. I’ve ended up with three copies of ‘TKAM’, a copy bought when it was published, and two ‘anniversary’ editions. One of those I had given my mother, and then retrieved it when she was ‘past needing it’, as the expression goes.

        The anniversary edition has a ‘foreword’ by Harper Lee herself, which is not actually a foreword as such. The publisher had contacted her to write a foreword for the anniversary edition, she declined in a letter, and the publisher just used the letter as the foreword! It works perfectly, but I remember reading at the time that Ms. Lee was not amused.

        I’m reading ‘Among Friends’ by M.F.K. Fisher, recommended by nice person in the ‘Comments’ of the ‘Harper’ post.

  2. Yer back!

    Yes it’s true, a sistah’s hair (well her weave / wig, to be more accurate) is serious business. It would shock you to hear the amount of money some spend on their tresses so it doesn’t surprise me that it wasn’t stuffed into the bag.

    Or you could have just been filmed unknowingly for an updated version of Candid Camera.

  3. Some of those wigs are really really expensive. Maybe she was trying to protect her investment?

    Speaking of Cher, this was an excellent comeback entry.

  4. Talking on the phone while driving here will get you a four hundred dollar ticket. Sorry to say dear but it should that and more everywhere. It’s dangerous. Just think had you not been talking, you could have shared the photo with us…you see why they ticket for such activity now don’t you…priceless photo it would have been.

  5. My bet would be that she is a beauty school student and the bag and wig are supplies.
    I have Bluetooth on my little car car, totally hands free phone service, even voice command for dialing. It also plays the music on my phone through the sound system in the car without having to plug anything in.

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