21 comments on “Unexpected

  1. I second larry’s comment. how handsome and scholarly you look! but that men’s room bow…mos def NOT you!

    our orchestra season begins 9/30; they will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the movie “fantasia” with 3-4 music pieces from the film.

  2. I haven’t seen a headdress like that since they did the little Dutch Girl number at the Folies Bergere – mind you the wearers were topless so there the similarity ends.

  3. Tying a bow tie? You mean they don’t all clip on? I think companies that make bow ties must love gay men lol. Probably you should not let you know who, eat anything before any shows from now on.

  4. Happy Birthday, Monsieur! Time for you to give your readers a ‘birthday gift’ of another post. 🙂

  5. I see that you are as good at keeping up with blogging as myself. I have heard rumors that you had a recent birthday. I hope it was a happy day for you.

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