8 comments on “Double Dose of Divas

  1. Do I lose my membership for admitting that I have never seen anything by Barbra? (Or Diana, I think.)

  2. I’ve only seen ‘Lady Sings’ the once, and that was when the film was first released. I don’t recall it ever being on TV here. One of the things I most remember around then was Ms Ross qualifying as a real, true diva by her publicly expressing disappointment for not having won the Oscar as she deserved it more than the actual winner did (Liza with a zee – for ‘Cabaret’, of course). Trouble is, she was right – even though it wasn’t for her to have said so.

  3. I know I risk having my membership in Dive Anonymous revoked (hey Dive is the plural of Diva okay!) but I can’t stand either of these two ladies…….. there I said it and I feel better.

    • Well, let’s put it like this, A.M. You don’t earn any BONUS points for not having seen either.

      • I believe that the “penalty” only applies if you were able to see them during first theater release. The penalty is the inability to earn mileage plus points on the Gay Card – affiliated with Pan Am or TWA….

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