A Shout into the Void

“There’s No Lack of Void”…..Samuel Becket “Waiting for Godot”

Why blog?

It is an opportunity to express myself and, hopefully, communicate with others.

The challenge of creating content that is clear, articulate, and engaging, if not altogether enjoyable, will force me to spend more time in my ‘right brain’. At the same time, learning to use the tools and technology of this medium will be a growth opportunity and will keep the ‘left brain’ fully engaged.

One of the greatest strengths and most debilitating weaknesses of internet communication is anonymity.  I hope this format will make it both easier and more necessary to communicate candidly and openly. I see this as a two-stage process. First, capture whatever squirrelly thoughts are lurking behind my eyes and give them voice; essentially converting soliloquy into monologue. Secondly, to make that voice compelling enough to generate reader response; converting monologue into dialog.

What are the risks?

Do I have the insight? Are my musing, gripes and passions interesting enough to engage anyone outside the boundaries of my own brain? You’ll be the judge of that.

Do I have the skills? Are my communication skills up to the task of sharing my thoughts effectively and engagingly? You’ll be the judge of that too.

Do I have the courage to be honest. I’m the best judge here but this is a classic example of the saying; “perception is reality”. It doesn’t matter how honest I am if it feels false to the reader.

The answer to all these questions is; ‘we’ll see’. I use the plural ‘we’ in the spirit of optimism. Perhaps I’ll be alone in this effort and the void really is void. Time will tell.

2 comments on “A Shout into the Void

  1. Well, you are not alone! I’m not so sure honesty on a blog is all that it cracked up to be. Be amusing. Be witty, pretty, and gay! I’ve told you (or maybe I just thought it to myself) for years that you should write. You’ve lived up to my expectations. I like the tenor of your randomness. Please keep it up; I’m here to be amused. Cheers!

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